Attention All Authors and Self-Publishers Who Struggle with Microsoft Word…

Would You Like to Create, Format, and Publish World-class Formatted Fiction, Non-fiction, Coloring books, Calendars, and Journals with Microsoft Word in Under 6-hours?

One Author Saw an 8400% (No, That Is NOT a Typo!) Saving in Time to Create Her Coloring Books

Dear fellow author and self-publisher,

My name’s Russ Crowley, and that’s me there on the right.

Now, there’s no way I can know what your experience or ability is with using Microsoft Word. But, from my own first-hand experience, I know that many do struggle with it. Especially when it comes to book publishing.

As someone who’s been using Word now for 23-years – I’m also a certified Microsoft Word Expert – I see far more of it than most. And, it’s more common than you may think.

In fact,

Some of the Common Problems I see with Book Publishing with Microsoft Word are:

  • Your formatting becomes random

    This kills any consistency and screams “Amateur!!

  • Your document looks nothing like it did when you saved and closed it

    Similar to the random formatting problem, above. But, it’s simple and easy to solve.

  • Page numbering isn’t consecutive

    This is a weird one with Word. But it will allow you to ‘miss’ pages if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

  • Page number format is wrong (and you can’t work out how to change it)

    Different parts of your manuscript have different page numbering requirements – some have no page numbers, others have 1 type of formatting, and the main body of your document another type of formatting. This is critical!

  • You have 2 odd or even pages next to each other –

    This is possible with Word and, when it happens, a ‘mysterious’ blank page appears in your pdf document which isn’t in the Word version

  • Your Table of Contents section numbers are wrong (and you can't put it right!)

    Done right, your ToC ‘reads’ from your manuscript. Done wrong and you’ll have this problem.

  • Your Table of Contents page numbering is wrong

    This happens when your document structure is incorrect

  • Fonts are not embedded in the document

    This is a simple 1-tick solution, but oh so necessary for non-standard fonts.

  • CreateSpace warns you of your images as being low quality

    Some things are made SO complicated in Word and images is one of them. Not least because of positioning them, but if they’re not done right, Word will take over and maybe ruin your chances!

  • Your list numbering won’t number correctly (this is a big problem in Microsoft Word)

    Bullets and numbering is an entire topic of its own in Word. Complex is an understatement! Not if you know how though…

And the list goes on. 

Again, these are common problems. There are far more.

But, you’ve probably experienced a lot of these yourself. Here’s what marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki said,

As I mentioned, as part of my work, I see these all the time:

The good news, though, is they’re easy to fix.

First, let me tell you a bit about why you should listen to me.

I first started using Word over 2 decades ago (in 1994). I will admit that

I struggled for 3 long years

This was way before the Internet was even a ‘thing’. So, there was no ‘online help’ at all. The local library wasn’t any good for ‘Teach Yourself Microsoft Word’ books. And you couldn’t order from Amazon as it had only just started (about 1 month before I got my 1st pc and Word version 3). As such, my own Microsoft Word learning path was a beast of a climb.

But, I’d hazard a guess that you’re following similar?

Sure, there’s a ton of help out there, but its usefulness is no doubt still questionable (I can guarantee that part of it won’t have changed).

After 3-years, I didn’t get much further than Bold, Italics, Underline. Sure, I knew where everything was, but how it all worked. How it tied together – not a chance.

My turnaround?

I got a job. As a Technical Writer for an oil and gas company.

The company had been established for a while and, soon after I joined, I latched onto the Word ‘guy’ there. It didn’t take long to realize where I’d been going wrong. Also, how easy and quick it was to set me right.

Best was having someone to bounce questions off.

  1. I’ve been using Microsoft Word for 23-years
  2. I’m a Microsoft Certified Expert with Word 2016.
  3. Since 1999, I have worked as a Microsoft Word consultant. I help businesses with templates, documentation, standards (ISO), procedures, writing, editing and other writing-related topics.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about me, my ability, my work, and so forth:

I’m also a self-published author, myself. Having authored/co-authored and published 10 of my own and my wife’s books. And, as part of my day job, I also put my skills and experience to use helping other authors fulfil their book-publishing dreams. All told I’ve published over 180 books in print and on Kindle.

Here’s what a few of those authors and clients have said:

Now you’re probably wondering

How Does This Help YOU with YOUR Book Publishing?

As a Word templates expert, I also build templates to help book authors.

I admit, it wasn’t an easy start.

Today, CreateSpace give you Word templates. Back ‘then’, when I published my 1st book, they didn’t. So, I created my own.

No big deal, right?

Not for me, of course. I mean, at this point, I’ve been creating templates for businesses for 12-years. You’d expect a ‘simple’ book template to be a walk in the park, wouldn’t you?


As I found out (the hard way — the expensive way — the frustrating way), there’s a huge difference.

But I got there. I finished the book. I submitted the book for review…

…and was rejected.

7 times (yes, 7!)

Remember, I was an ‘expert’! (Well, supposedly.)

  • Rejection after rejection – (could the hole I’m in get any deeper?)
  • Money down the drain – buying and shipping proof copies (each one to the UK. It gets expensive!) – not least the wait for each copy to arrive
  • Sinking failure – every time I passed review and ordered a proof, was this going to be the final copy? (There was no online 3D-viewer back then either)

I must admit – as an ‘expert’, this shook me to the core.

I had no idea what was going on and there was no Word expert to ask.

However, 1 thing was plain:

It was a Massive Wake-up Call

But, you know when you’re dedicated to something, you’ve got to see it though? I was like that. Searching for the answer.

I got there. In the end.

The Solution Was a Long-Time Coming

I finally cracked it. My book template worked. For me.

Now to test it for others.

**A little known CreateSpace trick**

I don’t know whether you know this, but you can setup and test as many books as you like with CreateSpace. You use the free ISBN number they give you and you go through the process.

It’s true that, once you get past a certain point, the title and other details, including the ISBN are ‘fixed’ to the book and can’t be changed. So, to get around it, once all’s done, you just delete that title and start again. No charge!

A Solution Which Covered All Eventualities – CreateSpace or Kindle

The answer was simple – it needed to be automated

So now I know what I needed to do, it was just how to do it.

And, though I’d dabbled in coding, I was a long way away from what I needed.

I won’t lie…

That Journey Took Me 9 Solid Months

Design. Code. Build. Test. Redesign. Build. Test… and on it went.

But I got there. On my system, that is.

I needed to make sure that a ‘non-Word expert’ could do it also. As they say, the proof IS in the pudding…

And it worked a treat! (More on that in a while.)

The result?

Now Anyone Can Create a CreateSpace Book in Seconds

But that’s only part of the solution, isn’t it?

I mean, even CreateSpace provide book templates now. Plus, you can buy them from many CreateSpace ‘experts’.

  • The problem with many of these templates is what do you do next?

    The guides aren’t too great and the template leaves you standing scratching your head.

  • How helpful are they?

    Once you’ve got the template and the guide, are they available if you’ve got an issue or a problem or just need clarification?

  • What experience do the ‘experts’ that set these up have?

    Some know what they’re doing, but others have just read a book or 2, copied someone else’s template, which they then ship to you as their own. Be careful!

  • How are the templates setup?

    I’ve seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) of documents and less than a handful are any good

  • What about the styles?

    Now here’s a thing… I’ve watched quite a few Microsoft Word training courses, I’ve read a few Word training books, and I am still astonished at the lack of importance given to styles. Styles are Word. It’s crazy (and takes me back to those who walk-the-walk v talk-the-talk)

  • What about the ‘structure’

    …the layout of the document? Not so important when you’re writing a report. But book publishing…that’s different (see the above about failing 7 times!) And if you don’t get it right, it could be a show-stopper.

  • What about priority of tasks?

    How many of them tell you you’re wasting time working on certain tasks until you’ve completed your manuscript? If you don’t, you’ll waste hours.

And a ton of other questions which, if not done correctly, can cause you so many hassles and frustrations. Some so bad that you’d wish you’d never started.

Note: I get tons of ‘Can you fix my Word document’-type jobs where they’ve used ‘so-called’ experts’ templates. Sadly, the instructions in some are so bad or complex that the only possible outcome is failure. Ultimately, where Word and complex material is concerned, when the fundamental design’s wrong, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Given the above, just in case you don’t know, let me give you an idea of just 1 or 2 of the major points your Word template should address (and this applies to the templates CreateSpace offers too). All of the points of listed already on this page are addressed in my templates:

Formatting on the Fly

Word uses what are called styles for formatting. When they’re setup correctly, you hardly need to even think about them. When not…

…well, just be aware that Word might have changed the look of your document while you sleep. (We’ve all been there with Word, right?)

When writing, many authors will leave the formatting till the end, until they’ve finished.


Because that’s what everyone else does.

But, if the template’s setup correctly, the majority of formatting can be done as you write – on the fly – because it’s seamless. Not only does this make your life easier, but it

Cuts Out 90% of the Time to Reformat at the End

The result is you shave hours (even days) off the time it takes to finish your manuscript.

So, though your editor’s happy to get your completed manuscript, they’re also flustered because you sent it a week early and they’re not ready! Who cares, because while they’re flapping around, you could be sat on the beach sipping Mojitos and planning your sequel.

Now you might be asking, “how is this even possible?”

The simple answer is this is how Word works. If it’s setup correctly.

What Do I Mean by Setup Correctly?

Kelly Player

Well, I touched on the structure earlier. Let me elaborate…

When you think of setting up Word so you can write your book, do you just start off with a blank page and go? Sure, you might if you have an agent and a publishing house lined-up, but even they will want your manuscript formatted correctly.

For us authors and self-publishers who are doing everything ourselves, no. It doesn’t work like that.  We have to do it all. Lock-stock-and-barrel.

Think of It Like Building a House from Scratch

In much the same way that you can go to the builder’s yard, buy some bricks and cement and then go for it, so you can start writing a book to be published with Word.

With your wall, you can dig a trench, put some cement in, lay some bricks, add some more cement, and build the wall up. The main concern is, given you’re not sure what you’re doing, how high do you go (you have a plan, right)?

Regardless, what do you think the finished product will be?

A masterpiece or a pile of broken rubble?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’ll either be an embarrassment or a crash, some dust, and a pile of rubble.

My Own Walls Came Crashing Down Many Times

As I said, 7-times with my 1st book.

Let me tell you, it’s frustrating, it’s wasteful (of time and money), and cam even be worse.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve given it your best shot and you still know it’s not good enough?

Where do you go from there? Do you give up or do you crack on?

With your wall, you’re now staring at a big pile of rubble. Your neighbours are giggling behind your back and your partner’s now wondering (silently, of course) if you’re ever going to finish what you started.

You can try and blunder on and work it out for yourself – if you have the time, energy, and inclination, that is. Many don’t. Enough-is-enough.

If you do…

How Long Will It Take and What Precisely Are You Going to Change to Guarantee Its Success This Time?

Seriously, what will you do?

The quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”, has been attributed to Albert Einstein; but, whether he actually said it is inconclusive. The sentiment, however, is spot-on.

So, you can continue to flounder, to try different things and hope they work. Or you can go for a more proven, tried and tested approach.

One that will save you time, money, and heartache, and offer the best possible results and outcome.

So Why Risk Your Time, Energy, and Money on Failure?

That’s where I come in.

But, before I reveal all, I’d like you to see other people’s experiences. That way you know I’m genuine, know what I’m talking about, and can help you:

Here’s the response:

And she did it again (2-3 days down to 1.5 hours = 966% saving in time):

Others wrote:


Following the addition of the Coloring Books Functionality…

In 2016, I added the coloring books functionality. Though I call it coloring books, it’s perfect for creating any kind of graphics-based book, such as calendars, journals, etc.

Liz was one such customer and, having published a number of books before, wrote the following:

Assuming that it took Liz 8-hours per day to create each of her 15 books (8-hours = 480 minutes)…

…and this time it took her 5 minutes to create 1 book…

But, I occasionally take lunch, so I guess Liz does to, so I took 1 hour off:

Regardless of the actual numbers, I think you can agree, there are enormous time-savings to be had.

So, what is this solution?

I called it…

1-Click Book Creation

1-Click Book Creation is a Microsoft Word macro-enabled document. (It’s available for download in the members area, immediately after purchase.)

With 1CBC, you get all the CreateSpace trim size (plus for Kindle).

All you need do is pick the single trim size that is best for your book – ‘click’ – and off you go.

It doesn’t get any easier.

I’ve recently updated it, so let me show you it in action:


  • A pc (Sorry, Mac lovers, you need a Pc. It’s a code issue. A Mac with Parallels works. It works fine on my MacBook Air with Parallels)


  • Word 2007 (Tried and tested on 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016)


  • Admin access to your pc. You need to make some small, quick changes to Word. It’s easy to do and I’ve recorded videos showing the simple 3-step process. If you’re not admin you can’t do them and the ‘magic’ can’t happen.

What’s Included:

This is what you get with your purchase of 1-Click Book Creation:

  • 1-Click Book Creation Pro (1CBC Pro)

    This is the application (downloaded as an executable application .exe)

  • 3 Personal Licenses

    These licenses are use for your own computers and on your own books.

  • Lifetime access to the members' area and application

    You have lifetime access to the application. iIt’s downloadable from within the members’ area. Registration happens immediately after purchase.

  • Lifetime support

    You get lifetime application support with your purchase.

  • Getting Started Guide

    The Getting Started guide is a 26-page illustrated pdf. Getting setup and started with 1-Click Book Creation is 1-click simple.

  • User Guide

    The User Guide is a 31-page illustrated pdf which shows you the fastest way to getting great results from Word. A few customers have explained how they struggled to get 1CBC working properly (and didn’t quite understand what was required of it) until they’d read this user guide. After then, it was easy.

Your Time-limited Special Is These Fantastic Bonuses

You also receive the following fantastic bonuses. Click on the links below to view more about the expert’s area of expertise and what their recordings individually cover.

As you’ll see, we have everything here from publishing, podcasting, copywriting, branding, strategies for adding audio and video to your Kindle books. Perfect resources from recognized experts.

  • Rock Star Recordings Package

As part of this package, you receive the mp4 video, the mp3 audio, and the session notes for each.

Session notes for each. This is the summary notes of each recording compiled into a single pdf document:

Value: $197

  • 200 Coloring Book Base Images Pack

To get your coloring books started, I give you a beginner’s pack of 300 base images. (Base images are the starting point for your designs, don’t use them in your published books.)

These cover:

  • Celtic Crosses
  • Circles
  • Flowers
  • Lace
  • Northern Star
  • Squares
  • Stars
  • Sunrays, etc.

A few samples are shown below.

Value $147

  • 1-Click Book Creation Video Training

  • 6-hours of laser-focused video training. Watch as I create my ‘How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle’ book and publish it to CreateSpace and Kindle.’ and can see exactly what I do, every step of the way.
  • Accessible in the members’ area immediately after purchase.

Value $97

  • Working with Word Images Video Training

In this 1-hour video training, I cover:

  • Inline Images
  • Floating with text
  • Precision positioning
  • What not to do.

Never struggle with Word and images again.

Accessible in the members area immediately after purchase.

Value $29

These Bonuses Alone Are Worth $467.

The Best Time to Change Your Life Is Now – Right Now!

There is no better time to launch your self-publishing success. But if you do still have some reservations. please understand that…

Your Satisfaction Is Our Main Priority

And I can assure you it is:

We Take All the Risk

1-Click Book Creation comes with a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

So, if you want your money back at any time during that period – for whatever reason! – just email me requesting your money back and you’ll get it.

So, with all the risk on me, click on the button below and let’s get those royalties flowing!

I use 1-Click Book Creation for all my books and all my clients’ books. I even use this for my other Word work as well (I share that little secret in the video training). 1CBC is that good.

I appreciate that you may not have the experience I had with Word, but after getting it right, you now have a shortcut which I’ve tested and the largest publisher in the world has accepted. Many times over.

I urge you to not delay, take action today…

…and I hope to hear from you soon, best-selling author!

Best wishes,

Russ Crowley

Russ with Odi and Miian (RIP)

p.s. Authors write because they have something to share with the world. But if it never gets published, nobody will ever see it. The flip side? Authors who make MONEY gain the confidence their message is so important that people are willing to pay to get it.

p.p.s. I reserve any and all right to withdraw the bonuses without warning. So if you don’t start making it happen now, when you next come back, they’re likely to be gone. Click to secure access today:

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    Ron is a New York Times Best Selling Author who has sold over 1.5 million books and ebooks.

    Using his list building expertise to build an audience of over 300,000 subscribers in a variety of niches, Ron secured appearances on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network as well as a multiple book deal with New York City publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster.

    Alice is a noted content marketing expert who has sold millions of dollars in content and has a list of over 20,000 clients and customers who seek her products and services over and over again.

    Specializing in the power of persuasive writing and relationship marketing, Alice is known for helping her customers create loyalty and positive word of mouth for their businesses.

    Bring them together and you’ve got a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections available to you.

    These are the summary notes of the wrap up call with Alice & Ron. They are designed to remind you of the core concepts we learned during the summit so you can take action more quickly.

    More information, and the mp4, mp3 and session notes are available after download.